Have you ever imagined you could soar like a bird? Well, that dream can now be a reality for you! Welcome to Smoky MTN Paramotor where you can learn to safely and confidently pilot a Paramotor within the East TN and surrounding cities area.

You get to a field, do your preflight, layout your glider, and run into the air, next you are flying! The ultimate freedom can be yours. Want to learn more? Give us a call or shoot over an email and we can answer all your questions.

We have a fairly large group of guys and gals that meet on a weekly regular basis to fly and fellowship. It’s always a good time, we have a strong community around these parts. Blue Skies!

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Learn to fly paramotor.

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October 24,2014 was my first attempt at launching my paramotor under the caring eye of my instructor Cody Bock of Smoky MTN Paramotor. Cody didn’t just teach me, he invested his skills, knowledge, and love of the sport of paramotoring into me. So that I now regularly do something that I had dreamed dreams of doing since childhood ,start in a grassy field lift my arms up and then…fly. It’s crazy amazing. Almost any afternoon I can open my garage door, load up, and go flying!! Thank you Cody and Thank you Smoky TN Paramotor for helping me live my dreams.

Dorian Lain,O.D. Dorian Lain,O.D.